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Firstly can I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so responsive and quick to assess his assignment It really helped and I am very grateful to you for this.  I was pleased with the comments on this assignment as I really got stuck in the quicksand trying to do this assignment and the execution was rather clumsy compared to my normal practice but I felt the only way to get the train moving again was to complete this by hook or by crook. The subject eluded me for such a long time and the final choice of the horse yard was one of desperation which I think worked but do feel was less tied to research and contemplating findings than is my normal practice, I have hopefully resolved this in A4. Some of your comments highlight this for me.

Comments on the points raised:
  • Again though, the research conducted is curious really as although you have provided links to several very relevant practitioners you have looked at in relation to the project, there are no clear written connections established to these practitioners, considering why they conducted the work they did and how that relates directly to your project.


As I mentioned in the introduction here you are completely correct I did a lot of research but its link to the final work is tenuous and I really struggled to link it all up. I have slapped myself around and rectified that for A4 where the work is again all based on the research and I have taken your advice and tried to link it more both in the critical analysis and the development sections of the blog hopefully this plus the in text referencing I have adopted may in some way help to fix this and also demonstrate what has been a big leap forward both in technique and in understanding for me, your comments have been really helpful, I have also been back over the previous assignments added the feedback and posted the reflections on your comments.

  • There does appear to be progress being made here, but some links on the blog are still inactive towards the latter stages of this section.


There are two parts to this, firstly the links to photographers and books etc are still not posted as I have been rather flat out working almost full time on getting the assignments and exercises done due to the deadline but I will take some time out to update at least some of this and will all of it in place for assessment, The second part is that there are latter links that can only be done later i.e. I could not post a response to your assessment until you have done it, the re work and final submissions will not be done until you have assessed A5 when I will go back and fill theses sections as a prerequisite to the November assessment.


  • It was interesting to read your reflection about the work conducted in section one (Nepalese community) via exercise 3.3 – more of this please !


I am so pleased you noticed and read this as it felt good at the time, the ability to reflect on past work and make it relevant to the current study makes me feel like i am learning and making progress I will attempt to do more of this where practical.


  • There is evidence of research being conducted but again, this seems to be too over reliant upon one source (such as Pintrest). I think this section would benefit from a wider range of sources being referred to and directly commented upon, within your own texts.


I have to confess to being confused by this, Pinterest is not really a source it is a tool like Microsoft word or wordpress, I use it to gather the images I find while looking at specific photographers, its like printing all their pictures and pasting them on to brown paper so you get a picture of the photographer as a whole, it also prevents me breaking and copyright laws by posting other photographers work on my pages. It is a really useful tool but not a source if you click on an image it will take you to the actual source, you will notice that I always have a bunch of research links to respectable sources for each photographer where i note all the important things I discover about them and their work. In A4 I have tried to do this in a way that is more obvious and have used in text citations to emphasize this. Hopefully I am not being really dumb and missing your point here, which is by no means inconceivable if I have please can you tell me what I missed so I can rectify it.


  • There are also still many typo’s to be found within your written work, which will need to be weeded out prior to submission for assessment. As mentioned previously, it would be beneficial to see in-text citation within your written work, where you are making direct reference to points you have read and then discussing what these actually mean to you and your work specifically. You just need to watch your written work on the blog as I’m still coming across many typo’s … which could be easily corrected with a quick proof read and spell check.


I know and i am embarrassed about this it is a factor of working a little too fast to hit the deadlines and a natural tendency to be a little bad about this, however my daughter who is a grammar spelling and punctuation camp commandant has agreed to go through the whole module and proof read for me which will have a significant impact on this for me. Slightly in my defense but not really an excuse, I have just noticed that the spell checker in wordpress does not always highlight the errors automatically sometimes you have to update it to see the mistakes this does not always happen before you publish and I think leads to some of the daft mistakes.


  • There doesn’t appear to be many posts being made via some of the other links established for the module blog … such as Reviews / Photographers / Journals / Study Visits. I’m not sure if this will happen in bulk prior to the assessment submission … or if you intend to use other links included via the assignment submissions for some of these ?


The situation is I have the work done on these I have used one note to collate and write them, however the plugin for wordpress to post one note has become un-supported and so there is a fair amount of work to do to convert it into a neat readable format, I am really cross with Microsoft for abandoning this plugin as it has come at a really bad time. I will be altering the format of the web site to help with this and will put some in for you to see the style hopefully for A4 assessment but if not at least before the A5 assessment. I will then complete this before assessment. My biggest issue has be the lack of finances in my household preventing me from doing much in the way of study visits. any advice you may have on this would be very welcome.

  • Did you manage to get hold of a copy of the Bate publication mentioned in the previous report …. Paying particular attention to the chapter on portraiture ? I couldn’t find a response to this on the blog … which is not to say it isn’t there ! I just couldn’t find it !


I commented on this in the A2 reflection which I have since posted but to re reiterate, yes I have owned this book since TAOP and use it as a reference a lot. I find it to be a particularly useful book.


  • If you have any specific ideas about a text you might be interested in using for the next assignment, drop me an email and I’ll try to suggest some further reading or research depending upon what it is.


I did send you an email on this but have not received a response yet, I have gone ahead with my idea as I think you may be away at the moment and there is not enough time to wait, this is my problem as I have the time pressure and not a negative comment on you as you have been so very helpful.


  • I understand you are limited with time regarding the last two assignments, so drop me an email as soon as you are ready and I’ll try my best to get feedback to you straight away.


Thank you for you time and understanding this module has been a pleasure and your help has been excellent, I hope to be able to do more with you in future modules.


  • It may also be worth thinking about how you intend to respond to the pointers made throughout the feedback reports and reflect this through the blog, prior to submission for assessment.


This is a good point, I have now added my responses in these sections for each of the completed modules, I will also do this for the last two, once I get A5 to you I will concentrate on reviewing and filling any blanks before assessment thank you for this observation it is an important point I will not overlook.