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Overall Comments

Many thanks again for submitting this third assignment Stephen.

The assignment requires students to choose either the ‘mirror’ or the ‘window’ as a prism through which to view a series of images.

The key issues I mentioned within my last feedback report were as follows:

  • Consider how Huebler’s use of caption influences the spectator.
  • Try to ensure the use of quotes is contextualized and makes specific reference to your photographic practice.
  • From a technical perspective, perhaps consider experimentation with a pure white background in order to isolate the subject.
  • Consider literal versus metaphoric image interpretation.
  • Remove all typo’s from texts and consider in-text citation.
  • Consider writing about the specific links posted in direct relation to your photographic practice, rather than simply posting the link, which will prove to be very difficult to assess.
  • Consider your website design in order to avoid covering any imagery.
  • Look at David Bate – Photography : The Key Concepts.

 Within the reflection and re-work sections on the blog, there doesn’t as yet appear to be any postings made in response to feedback.  These might well be scheduled for posting prior to assessment submission though.

Feedback on assignment

Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Quality of Outcome, Demonstration of Creativity
  • Again, in relation to the technical ability, the images have been carefully constructed in terms of composition and exposure etc.  I also think it was an achievement to have been able to negotiate access to this particular group and appreciate this is not your comfort zone of the studio. In this respect the work has achieved its function as a ‘window’ into a previously unknown community.
  • Again though, the research conducted is curious really as although you have provided links to several very relevant practitioners you have looked at in relation to the project, there are no clear written connections established to these practitioners, considering why they conducted the work they did and how that relates directly to your project.
  • It was good to read within your reflective text that you initially focused upon establishing a rapport with the group you visited.  This is often overlooked and can take considerable time and effort to achieve, even before a single image has been taken !
  • Some of the images worked better than others for me, with the more ‘action’ based imagery standing out.  I liked the second image of the pink wheelbarrow and hay being collected.  Also, shot 8 stood out for me with the horse being groomed, whilst standing on the red plastic case.



Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Demonstration of Creativity
  • There does appear to be progress being made here, but some links on the blog are still inactive towards the latter stages of this section.
  • It was interesting to read your reflection about the work conducted in section one (Nepalese community) via exercise 3.3 – more of this please !



Context, reflective thinking, critical thinking, analysis  
  • There is evidence of research being conducted but again, this seems to be too over reliant upon one source (such as Pintrest).  I think this section would benefit from a wider range of sources being referred to and directly commented upon, within your own texts.
  • There are also still many typo’s to be found within your written work, which will need to be weeded out prior to submission for assessment. As mentioned previously, it would be beneficial to see in-text citation within your written work, where you are making direct reference to points you have read and then discussing what these actually mean to you and your work specifically.


Learning Log

Context, reflective thinking, critical thinking, analysis  
  • You just need to watch your written work on the blog as I’m stll coming across many typo’s … which could be easily corrected with a quick proof read and spell check.
  • There doesn’t appear to be many posts being made via some of the other links established for the module blog … such as Reviews / Photographers / Journals / Study Visits.  I’m not sure if this will happen in bulk prior to the assessment submission … or if you intend to use other links included via the assignment submissions for some of these ?


Suggested reading/viewing


Did you manage to get hold of a copy of the Bate publication mentioned in the previous report …. Paying particular attention to the chapter on portraiture ?  I couldn’t find a response to this on the blog … which is not to say it isn’t there !  I just couldn’t find it !

  • If you have any specific ideas about a text you might be interested in using for the next assignment, drop me an email and I’ll try to suggest some further reading or research depending upon what it is.


Pointers for the next assignment / assessment

  • I understand you are limited with time regarding the last two assignments, so drop me an email as soon as you are ready and I’ll try my best to get feedback to you straight away.
  • It may also be worth thinking about how you intend to respond to the pointers made throughout the feedback reports and reflect this through the blog, prior to submission for assessment.