I have been experimenting with my Phantom looking at the possibility of using it to create images for the assignment, I was doing fine until I made a rookie mistake and clipped a tree sending the phantom down into a culvetof water I am now waiting for an update on what it needs to repair it not a great day.

I did contact Russel by email to let him know about my ideas and also how I was now effectively halted by the weather here is a transcript of the conversation:


Hi Russell,

Wanted to give you a heads up, I have been making images for the first assignment using my Phantom 4 Pro, I quite like the alternative perspective, however I had a small argument with a tree last Saturday during a training session for my CAA PfCO and the drone ended upside down in a ditch. It is currently with the menders as they don’t like water.

Unfortunately the delay in getting the drone mended means that there will be a small delay in me finishing A1

I hope this is ok with you but I wanted to let you know I am still studying and will complete A1 soon after getting the drone back and hopefully the results will be a little different from the normal Landscape A1.

I was amazed that the quality of the images from my Phantom is far superior to DSLR which is a bit sad

Kind regards



Hello Stephen,

Thank you for the notification; a drone and a tree having an argument is just not cricket. It is good to read that you are undertaking the drone pilots course; I can imagine the insurance for this can be high, when compared to standard photographers public liability. I look forward to seeing your images.

There has been some amazing work produced with drones the last few years, check out the following:



Also check out Yann Arthus-Betrand

Taking longer to get the assignment done is fine, you have plenty of flexibility with the unit.

Kind regards


I now wait for the repair