Reflection Point

If you have a social media profile picture, write a paragraph describing the ‘you’ it portrays.
What aspects of yourself remain hidden?

If you were to construct a more ‘accurate’ portrait of yourself, including various aspects of who you are, what would you choose to include? How might you visualise these things?

Try creating a new, more honest, self-portrait.When different understandings of identity come into conflict with each other it can be quite contentious.

The image to the left is my social media profile picture. My profile picture reflects my love of photography. The dominant medium format film camera points back to the roots of my photography in film. The camera I used in this image is the one  I lusted after when I left school, though they were so expensive I never dreamed I would be able to afford one.

The image is dark and not much of my face is visible, this was done on the face of it to to make the image look “Arty”, however it really covers the fact that I never really feel I look good in a photograph, it also hides the fact that I am over weight.

I have been thinking about how I would create a portrait that fully covered who I am, I have so many diverse interests I think it would be quite difficult.

I finally decide that the way to acheive the exercise would be to concentrate on the honest idea, so I created a portrait that honestly reflects what I look like, I decided I needed a smile as that more accurately reflects my personality, I did not make any big changes in photo shop as the key was honest and this was the result.