Exercise 3.1


 Mystique Megan1. Mirror _MG_09372. Mirror
 _MG_89603. Mirror 4. Mirror
 Dxxxx_Kristina5. Mirror _MG_95266. Mirror
 _MG_65867. Window _MG_7567 8. Window
Exploder 9. Mirror _MG_8032-Edit310. Window


This turned out to be harder than I thought it would, the final category was awarded based on how much of what I am interested in went into the image.

Image 1. I went for mirror as this image alludes to a character from the X-Men marvel being a passion of mine. It also demonstrates my love of Photo Fiction and me being drawn to the Mirror side of the argument

Image 2. Again this was a mirror, it hits my passion for the studio and my love of the science and art of lighting, this is also the verger of my church so it has a very personal undertone which is not evident to the casual viewer

Image 3. Mirror again for the same reason as Image 2 except Shellie is definitely not a verger. This was taken at a studio day where I learned a lot more about lighting and so i look lovingly at it because I enjoyed teh experience so much.

Image 4. St Mary’s Ashley, this is my favorite image from an earlier series for A3 of DPP, it is in my opinion the best image from the series. It reflects my interest in architectural photography and it plays to my Christian side as a church

Image 5. Again a Mirror, a fairly technical shoot in a studio so the reasoning is similar to the other portraits, It is also the image that I learned most about retouching people, and although its a little to done I still love it.

Image 6. This is a complete mirror, it wont third best print in the annual best print competition at my club, the judge said it was not something he would ever do, mainly because he couldn’t. This is the epitome of what I enjoy most in photography it is so far into the photo fiction end of the spectrum and a stark illustration of the camera does lie!

Image 7. at last a Window, take specifically as an experiment to see if I could get a high mark on Pixoto it is the sort of pretty image that people like to see and it scores well in competitions, it says very little in terms of expressing me or the world but it allows the viewer to experience the water fall at Virginia Water. Not an expression of me but a window on to an event i witnessed.

Image 8. A window again, taken in Venice on my 25 wedding anniversary, this was difficult to categorize because it does contain the memory of that trip however it is a window on a place I visited rather than a mirror of my self.

Image 9. This was an image from a day in my studio, I made it to demonstrate to a friend how to put more motion into a cut image he had just drawn black lines and I wanted to create a more 3D feel this was the output of that and as such it reflects the creative side of me.

Image 10. Venice at the Bienniale a bi annual art festival, I had trouble working this one out as I had a lot of creative input into the final render and toning but in the end decided that it was a window displaying the world I saw during the festival.

I may be wrong about this although I am not sure there is a wrong and a right but this was how my selection sat at the end of the day.