Exercise 4.4


How Text can re appropriate an image

I picked four images from the BBC news feed I read these were the orignial images

The first image is a story about public sector workers having had a pay freeze it was titled “Five million public sector workers have seen their pay capped since 2012″

The second is a story about the murder of journalists in Mexico and was titled “Journalists hold placards demanding “Justice”: activists say that impunity fuels the violence against the media in Mexico”

The third is an article about the Teaching assistants staging a 48-hour strike over Durham County Council’s proposal to only pay them during term time. the article was titled “County Durham Council claims teaching assistant strike ‘threatening jobs'” and the picture had a caption “A picket line was set up at Annfield Plain Junior School”

The last was un-captioned in an article titled “Fox hunting vote shelved by government”

So Now to have some fun!

  • Doctors and Nurses have been asked to slow down by a risk assessment committee for fear of collisions in the corridor
  • Security in wards stepped up as strange man caught on CCTV running from the ward
  • So many Nurses on the ward why can’t I get a bed pan?
  • Fears over public sector workers taking speed to keep up with the demands on them


  • Mexican government finds a way to silence critics
  • We wont tell where we hid the body
  • Justice Why do we have to wear duck tape when she clearly doesn’t
  • Patients call for Justice after a string of failed Botox operations leave patients scared



  • Teachers protest that the local authorities wont open a savings account for them
  • Misguided teachers picket a church thinking its a school
  • New government legislation will have teachers working for free
  • Teaching assistants strike over removal of cocoa from the staff rooms one protestor is quoted as saying “its a basic part of our pay”



  • Members of the Chipping Snodbury hunt have found new employment rounding up truant children for the local secondary school
  • Mass break out at the kennels had the former hunt chasing around on their horses trying to get the dogs back in the kennels
  • Members of the hunt were out in force today protesting at the rise in saddle soap caused by the Brexit vote
  • Theresa May has employed the hunt to find and bring down her opposition in return for and early vote on repealing the fox hunting ban



Text is clearly a powerful medium when added to an image, it has the power to make an image tell a completely different story, it has the power to focus the viewer on a specific topic or to choose from a range of probable topics as well as completely portray a different message that is stil logically supported by the image.

Clearly much thought and care are needed when combining text and images in our work to ensure that the desired message comes through.

Disclaimer: All captions are in fun and in no way reflect any opinions I have politically either way nore are any of the quotes real or in anyway endorsed by the subjects this page is a complete fiction and should not be taken seriously by anyone. In fact you should take it less seriously than the Jasper Carrot sketch about insurance claims.