A5 Reflection Point 1


As this is my reflection on the questions asked I will address them in turn as I see them others may disagree

Where does that leave the photographer? As storyteller or history writer?

There seems to me to be a place for both in the world recording and preserving history and creating works of fiction telling a story, Even for the magnum photographer there is a strong move towards telling a story, they may not be allowed to stage anything or alter the image in any way but a topical historical record that tells no story would be something of a useless sham, after all the news is all about telling the story. Even a pure historical image is telling the story the way it was.

The fictional image can only really exist if it conveys a story of some kind, so I find that story teller or historian is really a bad division between fiction and fact and the problem is that the factual can also be a story the fictional is not really historical.

Do you tend towards fact or fiction?

The answer should be fiction, my passion would be to create wonderful works of fantasy though I have not had much chance to do a lot of this yet it is waiting in the wings and I feel is part of my hidden voice. Here are a few examples.:


How could you blend your approach?

It is possible to create historical recreations that tell the story, where the story is real or factual and the image is constructed, this would seem to me to be a way of blending the two elements. For example, William Eggleston could have bought the tricycle and cleared the road in order to stage his iconic image, this could be a reconstruction of a childhood memory set to tell a true story with constructed imagery.

Where is your departure from wanting/needing to depict reality?

Interesting question, I do not feel any need to depict reality I would be very happy to create a compelling image of something completely constructed and fantastical, indeed I am not a fan of documentary photography or of the news style image press so the weirder the better.