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A5 Tutor Feedback

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Overall Comments

Thanks for submitting this final assignment Stephen, which again consisted of postings on the blog created.  This final assignment requires students to create a piece of work which is self-directed and draws upon what has been learnt and tested previously throughout the module.

The key issues I mentioned within my last feedback report were as follows:

  • Look at the work of Mishka Henner in specific relation to Less Americains.
  • Check the entire blog for typo’s and name corrections etc.
  • Elaborate further upon reading in relation to the contextual components of the assignment / exercise submissions.


Just to reiterate, the allocation of marks for the assessment is based upon the following:

Demonstration of Technical / Visual Skills                                         40%

Materials / techniques / observational skills /

visual awareness / design & compositional skill

Quality of Outcome                                                                                   20%

Content / application of knowledge / coherent presentation of work

Demonstration of Creativity                                                                   20%

Imagination / experimentation / invention

Context                                                                                                         20%

Reflection / research IE: Learning Logs

Feedback on assignment

Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Quality of Outcome, Demonstration of Creativity

  • The images presented work within the framework of ‘typology’ which was explored previously within the module.  As a set of images, you mentioned within the text your intention was to try and establish some form of identity of the person who was being commemorated. I think this is a really interesting approach, but felt you only really scratched the surface here.  As you highlight, apart from the obvious ie: large stone equals wealth, or details engraved offer a small insight, anything else the memorial might bring to mind is very much about assumptions being made on our part.  I like this idea and would perhaps encourage you to invest more time creating a constructed / imaginative narrative in relation to these final resting places. This could be achieved in a really subtle way by perhaps using a key name or date engraved onto the stone itself.
  • Another way to tackle this might be to identify a couple of the larger, more elaborate grave stones, on the assumption these people might have been better known within a specific community, and therefore have more information readily available for research.  Once you find more out about who they actually were and perhaps any narratives that have been written in relation to what happened during their lives, this could then be used as subject matter for further creative exploration in terms of making contemporary work in response to these narratives.
  • I think as a starting point, you have hit on a really interesting area to develop further in terms of constructed narrative or visual exploration.
  • There is also scope for really thinking about how you visually present these memorial stones.  You might consider the technical aspects of the imagery, such as using differential focus and depth of field to really highlight specific areas or texts within the stone.  You could become very selective about the type of stone you look at or the condition of the grave itself. (Some are completely hidden and show a lack of maintenance, thus suggesting nobody visits them anymore.)
  • If typology is an important aspect of the submission, it probably should feature somewhere in the written component.



Demonstration of technical and Visual Skills, Demonstration of Creativity

  • Progressing well as evidenced throughout the blog. More time needs to be spent addressing pointers made within previous assignment feedback.  Additional supporting contextualization and proof reading etc.
  • Exercise 5.1 was interesting in terms of using objects in an attempt to describe an individual. Again though, I think this was a starting point really and could have been developed much further. There is an inherent limitation to simply photographing everyday objects … so there is a need to make these much more metaphoric and visually interesting, rather than simply literal and descriptive etc.



Context, reflective thinking, critical thinking, analysis  

  • Keep providing evidence of this throughout the blog, via the various posts made, demonstrating breadth of reading prior to submission for assessment.


Learning Log

Context, reflective thinking, critical thinking, analysis  

  • Complete postings on practitioners researched – also trying to develop reviews into more specific usage, rather than just descriptive contents.


Suggested reading/viewing


  • I won’t suggest anything further to explore as I think you have enough to do already given your specific timeframe, in relation to assessment submission for the module.  Post thoughts on Henner’s work if you can though.


Pointers for the next assignment / assessment

  • Let me know once things are complete and ready for assessment submission and we can have a chat about how best to present the work.