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Many thanks for the positive feedback it was most encouraging yes I can confirm that I intend to continue to assessment and that I am indeed wanting to take the whole degree.

Comments on the points raised:
  • I also liked the fact that you converted the images to monochrome, but think you might be able to contextualize such a deliberate and significant act to better advantage – see the Flusser book suggested below, which contains some really interesting thoughts on the Colour v’s Monochrome debate.


I have added this book to my reading list.

  • I noted a few typo’s within the texts which you might want to keep an eye on if at all possible.


Duly noted, not my strong point I am going to get a third party to proof read the blog before assessment.

  • Try to keep the written work as formal as possible, avoiding any temptation for humour or slang etc.


I will try to keep this in mind when I write.

  • I did note that you had taken the opportunity to pass comment on the Guardian journalist Jonathan Jones, with reference to your Bailey image of Michael Caine. Be very careful here !!! As an undergraduate student, you are not really in the position to make such comments …. unless you can find comments of a similar nature that have been made by historians / critics / academics etc … that you can reference and then agree with ! I did actually tend to agree with the points you had made in relation to Bailey’s work being under acknowledged, possibly in relation to his earlier fashion connection … you are correct to highlight that his longevity and impact on the discipline can’t be ignored …. But there might have been better ways to have identified this point within your writings.


You are 100% correct on reflection this was an error in judgement I have removed it from the text and stuck with the facts.

  • The website took a little getting used to as it is so well organized and includes everything ! I did note that the Reviews / Photographers / Study Visits sections remain underpopulated at this point in time, which I’m certain is something that will be built upon as we progress through the module.


I have all of that work in a different format and need to transpose it into an online format, I will ensure this is completely up to date before assessment, I am currently unemployed which leaves me with very little funds to go on study trips these are therefore a little bit lacking at present.

  • I have just finished a powerful little book by Vilem Flusser called ‘Towards a Philosophy of Photography’ – It’s relatively cheap … so perhaps give it a try !
    “The camera is structurally complex, but a functionally simple plaything. In this respect, it is the opposite of chess which is structurally simple, but a functionally complex game.”
    Flusser, Vilem.1983: Towards a Philosophy of Photography. Reaktion Books. London.
    ISBN: 978-1-86189-076-4


I have also added this to my reading list

  • Take a good look at the work of Jason Evans for this next assignment – I think you will really like his work ! Some of it is quite bizarre … but his portraits are amazing and he has worked with literally everyone ! He’s actually a friend of mine … so if you get in touch with him … mention my name ! His series entitled ‘Strictly’ now forms part of the V&A collection and used Sander’s work to inform it … which you can easily see from the portraits.


Thank you for this recommendation I have been looking at his work and have incorporated him into my research for the next assignment, I agree his portraits are amazing and I have found him inspirational so thanks again for the recommendation.