_MG_6561-Edit-EditWelcome to My Learning Log

I started doing a degree in 2012 as a mature student, I decided to have a mid life crisis but ruled against buying a fast sports car and killing myself, so instead I set my self a goal of getting a BA(Hons) Degree followed by and MA and ultimatum a PhD. Since you have to start at the bottom this is my learning log for the BA(Hons).

I have been passionate about photography since I was about 8 years old, I developed my first roll of black and white film in a darkroom at Stubbington study centerĀ  on a school trip. I was captivated I had that first image on my bedroom wall for years. Some years later my parents bought me my first SLR a Pentax Spotmatic II This led on to me taking photography at school.

This was one of the best decisions of my life as we had the most amazing art teacher, Mr Grey who inspired us all in art but especially in photography, he let us use his darkroom after school and at lunches and whenever it was not in use.

I learned a lot there and had a real passion for black and white photography, when I left school I finally saved enough money to buy a Canon A1 which was my dream camera which I used for many years. In about 1997 I finally went digital, then a couple of years ago I started using 120 roll film again in a couple of medium format cameras I own.

It is my goal to find my photographic voice and make a difference in the world through the medium of art and photography hopefully people will enjoy my work. If they don’t it probably does not matter because I love it.