About Stephen’s Fine Art Shop

Stephen is a photographer and an artist. His practice includes digital painting 3D modelling and photography, he brings these elements together to produce some unique artworks.

Recently He has been producing Digital watercolours in Photoshop using digital painting techniques which are proving very popular with customers.

Stephen also has a deep passion for fantasy and loves to create images in a fantasy genre, this has also led to a series of images exploring myths and legends from around the world and also delving into the world of surreal art.

This web site offers you the chance to obtain some limited edition original works from Stephen’s portfolio expertly printed on high-quality fine art or watercolour paper.

Images will be set in a framing mat custom cut to enable them to fit directly into a standard size frame.

Take a look at some of his images in the following Categories.

Bringing you original fine art and fantasy since 2017

What we Sell

  • Fantasy Wall Art
  • Fine Art Prints
  • Digital Watercolour Floral Art
  • Digital Art inspired by Myths and Legends from around the world
  • Original Limited Art
  • Custom Comissions

Our Vision

To be a fine art studio, producing high-quality original artwork that people want to hang on their walls.

Our Mission

To make our clients feel great about themselves and the artwork they hang on their walls, through our artistic excellence, bringing original stunning artworks within the range of ordinary people.


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