A quick update on the state of the Phantom and my PFCO training.

Fist the drone is still away and everything is dragging out it seems like an awful lot of the circuits are fried and the cost is starting to look close to the cost of replacing the whole thing, a word of warning I did not realise when it set the phantom up that you cannot buy DJI care if you have had the drone active for more than 48 hours, I screwed up as I had fully intended to get that cover and instead of a small fee for a replacement it looks like a full new drone as the cost of a new body is really close to the cost of the whole thing.

Second bit of news is more positive, I passed my PFCO ground school with flying colours (pun intended) so I am now clued up on the rules for flying drones commercially and have completed the first step to gaining a Permission to fly Commercial Operations, just an operations manual to write and a flight test to take. oh and a drone to replace. I used the chaps above Heliguy who are a very professional and well-organised group and ran a brilliant course. I highly recommend them.