After some really bad weather and a fair amount of snow my flight test was finally booked for 19th January and I had to drive all the way to Newcastle to take it.

The test went well and I passed thanks to the wonderful Tom, my instructor and examiner, who made the whole process a lot of fun.

The test was based on a simulated commision to locate and survey a field where the customer required an aerial photograph of some cones, the test was marked on the quality of the planning and risk assessment and the ability to complete some controlled manoeuvres and to take an image of the said cones.

It all went well though it was rather surprising how small the cones looked on the display when taking the image:

As you can see the snow was still melting and the cones looked very small, but the image was a test of a concept and it helped me pass my flight test,

All that is required now is some good weather and some inspiration to take this project forward