Its been a while since my last post mostly because I have had some rather extreme family issues to deal with that I won’t go into here.

Having been stewing over the discovery that an image taken directly from above may give the feeling of vertigo and be more reflective of the Idea of the sublime I wanted to test this theory and remembered taking an image at the Wellington statue from above, which we can contrast with the more traditional one from the last post I have put them together here to demonstrate the theory:

As you can see the image taken from directly above again makes you feel like you are falling into the image unlike the more traditional one. The question then is does this always work?

I went to an old church in Hartley Wintney to find out:

I feet that it does but in this case the image does not have the same impact for me it no longer conveys the beautiful building and could be a cross-shaped shed, the sense of its age is lost.