I have been out today with my phantom looking for images for the assignment trying to develop the idea of images taken from directly above. My parameters were to take the drone to its maximum allowed height of 400 feet AGL (Above Ground Level) and point the camera directly downwards.

My First image was taken at the church in Seal as I wanted to see if a really lovely church like that would look good from above in a way the one in Hartley Wintney did not.

This was the result:

At this point, I am not sure about this image I included an image of the church from its traditional aspect for comparison I do get vertigo from this image but I am not sure if I like the image for itself in the same way as I do the house picture or the Wellington Statue. I do like the way you can see the human marks on the landscape however that is a different project.

I took two other images from the 400-foot aspect today:

The first was of a factory in the field where I crashed the original drone, in fact, the tree is the last one on the right at the top. This was taken at 400 feet I like the busy nature of the warehouse and the feeling it gives me of vertigo I feel like this one is a success.

I also took one directly above the Blackwater Vally Path where it crosses the River Blackwater and the result was somewhat mixed for me: