After the mixed success of yesterday I went out again today, in my mind I had an idea that had evolved from the warehouse yesterday that the drone could make an interesting image in a place that was really mundane to the land-based photographer, so my first port of call was the car park of the local industrial estate, being Sunday no one was around.

The first image really did not work as there was not enough going on in the image:

However, I tried to shoot the lake and found it was too big to shoot from 400 feet but there was an area at the edge of the lake that appeared quite busy this was the result:

I really like this image and feel it is doing exactly what I was looking for, before leaving home I also took this from the back garden:

I really like this one and am starting to feel like I am getting somewhere with these images as I can see more of them together.

I had two more locations in my mind to try and the next really blew me away, this was taken from the car park next to the Buddist temple in Aldershot and shows the BT exchange building:

My last site was a bit of a mixed bag I thought the cemetery in Aldershot might make an interesting subject, however, I don’t think it really worked at 400 feet. When I was descending I noticed that at about 200 feet the image was working better:

At 400 Feet:

At 200 feet approximately

I think that if either of these make it to the final cut it will probably be the lower of the two, there is a definite correlation between the angle of view to achieve the vertigo effect and the composition/ busyness of the image that creates the sublime effect.