In the last week either I have been too busy to get out with the drone or the weather has been bad, I really need to synchronise my diary with the weather, I am also suffering from a lack of the funds necessary to fuel up the truck and drive to more interesting places.

Last weeks work proved that some of the most mundane places can produce startling images, I want to get up to about 12 images that work for the assignment after editing out the ones that don’t earn their place in the lineup.

I thought I should try to sum up what I have learned and how that is driving the methodology behind the work.

Firstly I am working on producing images that reflect a definition I have formed on the sublime, this is derived from the various quotes I noted on the 17th of September that suggest the sublime comes from a place between pleasure and pain further I found the quote from Morley about Burke:

“Burke pinpointed a key aspect of the sublime as being the heightened and perversely exalted feeling we often get from being threatened by something beyond our control or understanding.”

I had the idea that this type of sublime was a bit like the feeling of vertigo you get when looking at something from a high vantage point, which led to the idea of using a drone. I also discovered that using a drone was not in itself the solution but that the vantage I take with the drone is critical to successfully achieving my aims. This last point is obvious as its the same with a land-based camera, a flash new camera will not ensure a pass at level 2 it will always be what you do with it. I was reviewing all of the images taken so far and wanted to share one I had discounted because I prefer another composition but this image almost makes me seasick as it has a greater feeling of being tumbled over and falling:

This image almost feels like it is upside down and I have fallen off my feet, I prefer the other for its composition but I do find this interesting for the effect it seems to have on my middle ear.

Hopefully, the weather will clear up and I will be able to go out and make more images in the meantime I continue to read and research.