My first image is from Paul Reiffer and is of a Manhatten skyline which depicts to me the affluence  of the city of New York City

The second is a social Landscape created by the infamous Andres Serrano called signs of the times, the work is described thus:

After noticing an unprecedented number of people begging on New York City’s streets, Andres Serrano embarked on a project to collect some of the signs homeless people use to tell their stories and ask for change.

Andres travelled around New York City buying the signs from people for $20 each, he says:

“Sign of the Times” is a reaction to a social injustice and tragedy. It’s a testament to the homeless men and women who roam the streets in search of food and shelter.

For the last part of the exercise, I found these two images of São Paulo photographed by Luiz Arthur Leitão Vieira

I wonder if these were taken from a drone, a helicopter or aeroplane or from a mountain (I saw something like this in San Jose Costa Rica)