There is so much to examine and look at today since the wall of things Russell gave me to look into, its somewhat mind expanding the latest discovery was lost on me last night on the small screen of my phone I did not see what was happening at all, today I looked up the word pareidolia, which I have to confess I had not come across before, I have seen the concept but not seen the word if that makes sense. The Oxford English Dictionary defines it thus: The perception of apparently significant patterns or recognizable images, especially faces, in random or accidental arrangements of shapes and lines.”

Peter Adams-Shawn takes images that find pareidolia mostly in wave patterns taken from his drone, what is also interesting is he mostly uses the bird’s eye view I have been experimenting with. I cant post his images here as I don’t have his permission but I am sure he would be delighted for me to provide a link for you to look for yourself First his Instagram:

Then an example:

I find myself really drawn to these images, partly because they are made with a drone and that is something I am really enthused about at the moment, but also because he has been experimenting with a “Birdseye” view in many of his images, which is the view I have found to most invoke the feeling of the sublime, I find it noteworthy that images like the one above do take my breath away and in that it is both beautiful and a bit sublime however it is not really the feeling of virtigothat comes from these images, which leads me to speculate that there are a number of factors that can trigger the sublime in these images.