Today I took the last images for A1, having been really cheeky on Tuesday and walked into the site office of the local sewage works to ask if I could photograph it with a drone, I was really surprised how kind the site manager was, he told me that I could come back on Sunday morning and they would leave the front gate open so I could take my images when they had no contractors on site. I arrived promptly at 9 am as arranged to find the gates open and the car park empty. I set up my drone and took some wonderful images of the plant.

As it was Sunday I also managed to capture the trains parked in the Farnham siding from a deserted carpark in a nearby industrial estate.

After looking through the images I had a further 3 images to add to my first edit, which took me to 15 candidates, I did not really want to use more than 12 and had a hard time rejecting images that I had become far too attached to. I have been really attached to the first image I took above my house as it was the one that made me discover the vertigo effect, but sadly there were stronger candidates and I was rather overflowing with housing estate images.

I started being quite tough and ended up with 10 images, which is not a very aesthetically pleasing number in a WordPress gallery, so I tried to reject another which proved impossible as I would be rejecting images I really liked, my only solution was to bring it back to 12 which was not difficult. I am on the upper limit for the submission but am happy that it will stand up to a tutor assessment, no doubt he will prick my conscience and the final submission will change again.


I should put a lid on the Diptych work too, I did a lot of tests only a few made it to the blog, but no matter how I manipulated the work it did not resonate at all with me. I really feel that this work needs to be focused on my interpretation of the sublime and explore the relationship between that uneasy feeling we get particularly with vertigo and the pain/pleasure boundary that is alluded to by Burke. The addition of the beautiful images did not enhance or underline this for me in many ways it distracted from the work I am trying to do. Also in many cases, the more conventional aerial view simply was not beautiful, which would have limited the work I could include. In fact, many of the images I consider to me most powerful did not really have a beautiful counterpart of angle, and many of the beautiful images looked rubbish from above, the churches were the most remarkable of these.

I have therefore decided to limit myself to “birdseye views” in order to try to demonstrate the sublime in my landscape images.