Struggling to find inspiration for Assignment 2, The Aldershot murders is a bust as I can’t get access to the information in time. I looked at the idea of following the path that the Bluestones at Stonehenge took, but it’s not really working for me. One of my biggest issues is the lack of funds at the moment stopping me from driving all over the place. There were three Ideas around stone henge one was the path of the bluestones as mentioned as the quarry is quite close. The second was the path of the other stones but that is a huge journey from Wales. The last was the funerary procession to the henge.

To be honest these ideas revolve around theories that no one knows the answer too. Oddly if the idea does not fire me up I find I don’t want to work with it. I feel that the path to a voice of my own lies on a path of doing things that inspire me, which sort of stands to reason.

I have abandoned the idea of Stonehenge now but that leaves me with no idea for a project now.