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I have been thinking about spaces and places, having been very busy with my new business my degree work has been a little slow this last couple of months. However, I have come to an idea of what spaces to places means: In my head when a space that has not had any meaning in the past is suddenly taken over for a particular use it becomes a place. So, for example, there was a small patch of land near me that had been a car park for the old REME then they had the driver test centre there in portable buildings it sat empty for a long while then they suddenly built a series of houses there, and it was transformed from a space to a place. The are many places that have this characteristic, parks and recreation areas come to mind. Thinking about the work on memory in this section, I think a space often becomes a place when you have an association with it. I think about the old lane down the side of my house when I was a child there was a point where my Dad helped my friends, and I build a tree house, and that space became a place in my mind for the rest of my life.

Exercise 3.5 had me researching the local area, and I came across the sculpture park in Farnham on several occasions, so I am thinking of using this for assignment 3