Assignment four

Digital Identities 1

Develop a project around the theme of identity within the current digital climate. This could be an autobiographical exploration examining how you relate to digital culture, or it could be a more critical examination of an aspect of digital culture.

You should develop your project over the course of Part Four. This is your chance to find and articulate your personal voice in relation to digital culture.

Start by listing or making a brainstorm diagram/mind map of possible ideas and starting points. Put this in your learning log. Expand your list or develop your diagram as you work through Part Four. Try out a few of these ideas, and develop further those that seem to be the most effective
or interesting.

When you have developed at least one idea to a point where you would like to receive feedback from your tutor, submit it to them by whatever means you both agree.

Assignment Four is your digital identities project ‘in progress’. It is not expected to be a fully resolved, visually coherent or clearly contextualised submission. As well as visual material (contact sheets, work prints, etc. depending on the nature of your practice and your project) you should include a short text (around 500 words) setting out:

  •  the specific themes your work is addressing or what your work is attempting to communicate
  •  a list of the practitioners you’ve looked at in relation to this assignment
  •  a bibliography
  •  a brief self-evaluation.

You may wish to consider requesting an audio/visual tutorial for feedback on this assignment. Your tutor will give you guidance on how to develop and/or resolve and most appropriately present your project.