I had several ideas for my final assignment I thought about looking at traditional landscape photography fro the view of someone who is not as able-bodied as the typical hiking landscape photographer. I considered the possibility of hiring a mobility scooter and testing out the viability of getting to some of the places a respectable landscape photographer would want to shoot.

If I am honest, there was not the time for this, and I have a very tight timeline to finish this module and needed a topic that would work for me accessibly and allow me to work hard on producing the best result.

Typology – Cell Phone Towers

I have always been interested in typology since I started my degree, so I thought that a typological study might be the way to go for this assignment. I found a lot of information and some handy sites for locating cell phone towers.

I pitched the idea to Russell my tutor and got a lukewarm response. He was worried about the shape of the towers and their ability to fill the frame and still work like the Beechers water towers. Russell did have the idea that I could take a more landscape image that showed the towers as a part of a landscape, but it would be a tough assignment.

Research into cell phone towers near me revealed that this was going to be one of the singularly most boring set of images I have ever produced. Almost all of the towers nearby are now straight posts that look like lampposts with the interesting bit on the top removed.

This discovery has taken me back to square one needing a new idea.