Initial Editing

After what seems like a long time the weather gave me the window I was looking for to shoot the images for A5 finally. I made a long list of places and divided the work up into three trips.

My first trip took me to Aldershot Fleet and Farnborough where I mostly handheld the camera, which got a little shaky as the sun went down, the weather held up, and I got most of the locations done.

The next several days the weather turned bad again and I was not happy with all of the images in the can so far so when the weather broke again I jumped in the truck and headed to Basingstoke where there is a gold mine of fast-food restaurants.

I had planned for that to be the end of shooting but circumstance gave me another day shooting and a new honey pot of locations. I went t Woking to pick up the mobility Scooter so that I can reshoot A3 and in the process realised that the sculpture park was not open so a quick replan sent me to Reading for the third A5 shoot and left me planning the sculpture park for the next day.

I managed to get an excellent series of locations in Reading and came home with more images than I need for A5 giving me the luxury of a severe edit and the ability to discard any that don’t quite work.

I have completed the first edit and have a set of twelve prefered images, three reserves and eight spares not to mention a load that did not make the grade.

I am wondering if I should colour grade them all so that they all fit more neatly.