I received a letter yesterday officially confining me to the house. I am now registered as “At Risk” in this pandemic, a combination of Diabetes and Hypertension means that the NHS has identified me as a person at severe risk of hospitalisation if I catch Covid-19.

I had an email a few weeks ago telling me I had been missed but now its official, I have been shielding myself for six weeks. Still, the official letter brings everything into sharp relief. I find myself knowing several people who have died from this virus and several people who have come through having had a very rough time.

My family are supporting me at this time, my wife and younger daughter are at home wife on furlough, and youngest daughter is working from home. The most significant controversy at the moment is my oldest daughter who has been forced to work by an uncaring boss who does not seem to have taken on board the situation or the changing government advice. Hopefully this will be rectified now we have the official letter.

As far as study goes, this situation is both a blessing and a hindrance, it is useful in as much as it delivers a lot more time to work on my degree and I am fully utilising this. The problems lie with everything being shut so getting support from OCA is harder and takes longer than usual, you cant just phone anyone at the moment. I also discovered my tutor has been ill and is struggling to recover, my heart goes out to her, and I hope she feels much better soon!

Despite everything I am continuing to march on and try to finish this module in record time as I have a short deadline for it. On the bright side, this has been a fun module so far, A2 is in for tutor review, though I am not sure how soon that can happen given the situation I am working on my essay, and I had the excellent news that I passed the Landscape module.