A3 the Critical Essay

I have always found essays to be a challenge, and unusually, it is not the writing that vexes me its always deciding on a topic and finding the supporting research.

For this essay, I took a different approach and started with the research, which is, of course how you are supposed to start, I tend to get an idea and go looking for supporting research.

This time I did it correctly and researched before selecting a topic. I think that the result was so much better. I researched all of the keywords and phrases I could think of based on the wording of the assignment.

My weapon of choice for the research was the UCA online library, and specifically the journals, as I don’t feel I have used this type of resource enough.

I found a rich vein of journals and publications that led me to look at the effect of digital photography and more specifically, the smartphone had on the lives of professional photographers.

Professional photography is a topic close to my heart, and I, therefore, found it easy to reflect on the data I found. I then searched the web for articles and blog posts to support the more academic sources to see if other professional photographers were seeing things as I was starting too.

The UCA online library turned out to be a fantastic resource, especially if you are looking for journals and publications rather than published books. I collected all of the books papers and websites I found in the ‘Cite this for me’ website, which I found an excellent way of preserving everything I found and generating the final bibliography.

This web site also helps you to maintain the correct format for referencing, and has several different systems you can use, I set it to the OCA standard of Harvard referencing and everything was made easy.