Digital Image and Culture has honestly been my favourite unit so far in this degree. It is taking me to the places I want to visit in my studies. It is a shame that the deadline is so crazy for this module, having had some pretty significant traumas in life over the last five or six years and some health issues, I find myself backed into a crazy short deadline for this module. Last year I was almost kicked off the course because of the time Landscape took me, but the lovely people at OCA helped me put in a mitigation, and I was given a reprieve.

The only sad bit about this was that the reprieve came with a really tight deadline. I have no problem working to a tight deadline, and I am well on track to get finished.

The sad part is that I am somewhat rushing through a module I would like to soak in and absorb more from.

I have found out more about myself and my relationship with my art in this module than any of the previous ones. I am so glad I chose to do this as I almost took the documentary module, which is my own personal definition of hell.

What is happening is that I am getting much more comfortable with the inclusion of digital 3D modelled content and not being so pure about photography, it is liberating for me.

I have really let go for Assignment 4 and 5 and will be really blending the various skill sets to make what I hope will be some excellent artwork. I have also discovered that I like Surreal art, as well as fantasy and the blend of the two, is an exciting place to explore.