Michael Cheval

I discovered Michael Cheval while researching A5 I was looking for art styles and artists who would serve as an object of homage. I came across Michael, and I find myself quite mesmerised by his work. I am getting a slowly growing series of artists whose work inspires me Michael is firmly joining that list alongside the three I keep banging on about (see previous post)  and the like of Boris Vallejo, Anne Stokes et al.

I have also discovered that what I thought of as a rather wacky form of art has a great deal of potential, the Surreal movement works well in the fantasy genre I have always loved, in fact, the work of Kirsty Mitchel has a surreal undertone alluding to one of the most surreal books ever written – Alice In Wonderland. 

It certainly feels like I am finally getting somewhere in terms of the art I want to make, I also wonder if it is significant I refer to it now as art rather than photography, as I am starting to worry less and less how the pixels were generated.