Having developed the first six images I had a short email conversation with my tutor,

You have been busy!

Just had a look.  For me the stand out image is number 4 – there is something extra going on with the face going on the box.  No. 3 is also interesting.

4 for me has references to A Clockwork Orange/V for Vendetta type imagery – not sure if that was an intention or not.

The chess board works to link these two as a pair.  The others are technically realised but seem to have less in the way of layers of meaning  – hope this makes sense.

If (and it is an if) feasible could you develop another pair that would sit with 3 & 4?  That would be enough for a submission – it could be that you sketch them up and then fully realise for assignment 6.

Hope this helps – come back to me if you need any further clarification

In response, I put in some serious hours and created two more images around the brief she gave me. My motivation was the plastic top hat and the cube I added an element of found photography, as explored in assignment 2, in the form of images or self-portraits of Surrealist artists.

My one thought now is I am not sure if the girl balancing on the ball needs a cube with my portrait on it to tie it to the other three?