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The virtual exhibition hall was a project exploring the ways of holding an exhibition of art especially in a pandemic, it was partly to display my concept art but outside of the degree it was a learning exercise on creating and posting virtual tours on WordPress. I often shoot virtual tours for customers but their drawback is the need to spend money on a third party to display them. The WordPress plugin used here is a demonstration of how to achieve the same result without the financial outlay. This plugin is called iPanorama 360 by Avirtum. The second part of the learning curve was in making an image rendered from a 3d model the worked in this 3d virtual tour, when shooting in real life I take images with a full fisheye and process them in a panorama stitching app in this case I rendered the images from my 3d studio in the same format as the stitching programme and fed them into iPanorama 360. I was very happy with the results.