I have been really obsessed with telling myths and legends that I think I have missed the point of my fantasy roots, looking for the perfect myth or legend to tell as a series of tableaux in the style of A Rakes Progress has left me grounded like a boat in a harbour at high tide.

It occurred to me today the whole point of fantasy art is that it tells stories, and those stories do not have to be founded in myth or legend, in fact, isn’t it a characteristic of the storyteller to weave fiction into a fantastic tale?

A Rakes progress is just that a fictional tale of a young man going off the rails.

This approach gives me the option to create wild and wonderful stories and does not limit me to finding the tales in myths or legends, I am not sure if this is the route I am going to take but it does open up the reaseach to a lot more stories both mundane and fantastical. What I do know is I need to get the first one done which will probably open up the creative floodgates again.