Or more correctly packed in cardboard and a bubble wrap envelope and sitting in the post tray ready for the post office tomorrow, took me all day tom prepare and mount the pictures on card and frame them with a mat, I suppose I went a bit over the top, but they look nice now.
I went through several evolutions in my mind about how I was going to submit assignment one, at first it was going to be a photo book, but other students warned me off doing that as its expensive and it is hard to produce a good book, (production of books being a specialist skill in its own right), I was then going to get them printed in a 10″ x 8″ format but was horrified at the cost of doing that , in the end Sharon recommended that I print them out in a 7″ x 5″ format and send them to her.
So I got them printed 7″ x 5″ and bought some card and some mats and stuck them all together I printed a label for each one and they were ready to go. All I need now is for them to get there and for Sharon’s comments, guess this is the hard bit, its my first assignment, I have little idea what is required for the course, I only have Sharon’s Guidance (which was excellent by the way) and now I have to wait and see how close or far from the mark I am.
I realise that this is the point of assignment one to let us align ourselves with the expectations of the OCA to “learn by Doing” as it were, and that this assignment wont count to the assessment of the module, however I think most of us have that desire to do well and to be a star with our work, which is a funny idea really because I think in every important case I have learned more from getting things wrong in the past than from being a star.
I now wait patiently to see what my Tutor thinks, and to see if there is hope for me 🙂 I will keep you posted!