The exercise asked for us to pick up a pencil and draw a landscape, I assume it was an attempt to get to the center of our “Id” and uncover our deepest darkest ideas about landscape. I have not rocked the boat, I decided to conform, I do appreciate that Landscape is more than the type of image produced by Ansel Adams, This type of landscape is the norm and defines a conventional wisdom on the subject.

So for my drawing I decided it had to be landscape format i.e. Wider than it was tall, there had to be a horizon. The image needed to be layered with areas of land retreating to the distance. A typical set of hills or a mountain, and some rolling land leading into it. In the foreground a rock draws the eye. It was to be devoid of people.

It is composed with a rock in the foreground to catch the viewer and draw them into the image, the lines and layers then draw the viewer further into the landscape. Sadly my drawing skills are not better and may not capture fully my thinking, but with some imagination its possible to determine where my mind went when I was set this challenge, which is possibly the point of this exercise.

Having broken the first ground in the Landscape course with this I feel ready to move forward and challenge all of these assumptions.