Spent a fair amount of effort getting my kindle working and setting up Caliber so that I could access the PDF articles we are being asked to read. I found that because they are mostly rendered images they did not convert properly, and were hard to read on my kindle forcing me to scroll around the page. I used Adobe Acrobat DC to convert them to text, this left me with some raw text files that had nasty page throws so I edited them into a readable block of text. The result was a converted MOBI file that worked on my Kindle, I found these much easier to read as they worked using the single page throw buttons. There was something about the editing process that seemed to soak the contents into my mind so that when I finally read it through on the kindle it made a lot more sense.

I found from my first read-through I was left wondering what I had read, but reading the converted more of the meaning behind the text came out, having digested the words, I then took a printout of the text and went through highlighting key passages and concepts, which left me with everything I needed to complete the exercise.