Today was the September meeting of the TV Group, founded back in 2012 so that we could get access to some tutoring, still going strong this was one of our biggest meetings. Our resident Tutor Jane Taylor was with us giving good solid and constructive feedback. Almost everyone had something to share and we went around the room looking at the work and ideas everyone had to share.

I always feel very inspired by the crazy ideas the people in this group have that produce such interesting work, everything from polaroid to Nazi Germany was discussed in this session and some very powerful work was shared.

I pitched my ideas for Assignment 6 based on the work of Emily Allchurch and the idea was received with interest, Jane said she thought the idea had an interesting slant to it and encouraged me to pursue it further. I also spoke about the sublime and Assignment 1, Jane’s advice was not to get too hung up on the sublime as it has many meanings.

I have not yet finished the exercises in part one so I will not fix my ideas about assignment one yet until I have soaked up the learning that is to be had from part one.

It was a really good day and was nice to see everyone here, we also discussed the Body of work Project the group is taking on so that we can mount an exhibition of our work in February 2019 at the Lightbox in Woking. This is all very exciting and I think everyone is really getting excited about making the work for the exhibition. within the next few weeks, it looks like we will have the contract in place with the gallery at which point the whole thing will take on a far more realistic perspective.