Reflection Point 2

Had something of a blast doing this I have a very abstract profile image:

I would have liked to shoot this in the studio, but expense and availibilty prevented me from doing this, so I set up mu lighting in the freshly cleared out garage for this shoot.

I set up a pair of strobes at roughly 45 degrees and set up a 2 or 3 to 1 ratio between the key light and the fill light, I wanted some variation to convey form but not deep shadows as I wanted to move away from the abstract image above.

The hardest part of taking images of yourself is getting to be in the right part of the frame and pulling the right expression while you are doing it, suffice to say there are lots of images from that shoot that will never see the light of day.I did end up with an image that I liked:

As you can see the key light is on the right of the picture and the fill to the left, taken against a black background for that low key effect, I cropped the image square as this fits better with the social media purpose of this image.

While I like the new image I still prefere my abstract one looking through my Bronica.

You can read the full write up here: Reflection Point 2