The Story So Far

The question at this point is where are we in the study of Identity and Place? At the moment I feel like I have been drawn to look at what a portrait is and what we mean by place or space, at this point most of the work has been quite introvert, looking at myself and my place in the world, both in terms of my image using social media as a platform for projecting a picture of myself and how I want the world to see me, and in terms of the space I live in.

While doing the square Mile I did find myself reminiscing on events that have happened over the last fifty odd years, in relation to the area around my house. I also realised that the image I project via my social media profile picture is a mask, it hides all the crack’s and glosses over my weight issues. If I am honest its more a portrait of a Bronica than of me but it does convey one part of my identity as someone obsessed by photography.