Douglas Huebler

Huebler captured my attention because of his work Variable Piece #101 in which he photographed well known Typographer Bernd Beecher. In the session he gave Beecher a series of characters to portray,  the list contained: Bernd Beecher, Wise Guy, Spy, old man. artist, policemen, priest, philosopher, criminal and lover.

He shot Beecher as he pulled faces to convey the character he had been given, Huebler went away and produced prints which he did not show to Beecher for a month, when he asked him to identify the faces he had pulled. It seems that the project was only displayed in the order that Beecher subsequently identified them, I have not been able to find a clue to the original order which I think may have been and interesting clue.

Was Huebler poking fun at the idea that identity could be conveyed by facial expression or was this a serious experiment, I suspect the former however I cant find any reference to confirm or deny this.