A1 Some Initial thoughts

The assignment is looking to us to go out and find people we don’t know and engage with them to produce a series of portraits.

My first though is to find a series of vicars and photograph them in the churches, probably in the same way. My initial idea was based on the fact that the Bishop of Guildford has just changed and I thought it would be an incredible gift to give him a book of all the churches and vicars in his diocese, some research into this made me realise that this was a huge undertaking that I may not be able to finish.

Taming my ideas a little I thought it would be good to get in touch with a number of the Vicars and produce this as a small subset, to this end I obtained a directory of members of the Guildford Diocese from a friend who works for them. I identified a super set of vicars and am busily contacting them and trying to arrange times and locations.