Assignment 1 Feedback

The Tutor feedback is here: Tutor Feedback

My reflection on the feedback is here: Reflection

I was very pleased with the feedback and I was especially please that Keith identified with the idea of photographing the Nepalese Community. It was also somewhat gratifying that he liked the idea I abandoned, recommending that I go back one day and complete this project, whilst I would like to, I am not sure I can while I still have so much to do for my degree, time will tell if this becomes something I end up pursuing further.

Over all everything was positive, I have noted that I need to be more serious and use less humor, and I am a victim of my Achilles heal, which is the small typos, will be getting someone to proof read for me before assessment.

I also mad an error in writing my opinion about the writings of someone else, I have removed this and am duly admonished.

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