I have done a lot of reading over the last four years about Semiotics and Iconography and have commented about this in previous modules, the study I have been doing recently uncovered the subject of semiospheres which has really stuck with me. The idea that everyone has their own set of experience and that these are sometimes personal, sometimes shared as a group or sometimes part of the wider public experience of the world. I have become fascinated by the way our own experience can influence our work sometimes to the extent that only we can understand it.

I have before postulated that as a photographer we need to include the viewer in the relevant semiosphere or they will either not understand the wok or they will assign it a meaning of their own. This could be a good thing or not depending what you are trying to acheive with your work.

This ideology has significan impact on the first exercise in Part 2 for me. for a full discussion see my contextualization and critical analysis for the exercise