Exercise 2.1: Individual Spaces

Based on the ideas put forward in the previous post I decided to take three portraits of people in an environment that meant something to them, I also tried to set each one in a different type of semiosphere.

To this end the Public semiosphere involved taking a portrait of a Vicar in front of an alter, which seemed to me to be the closest thing I could find to public semiotics, I shot a guitarist in his studio for group which should be understandable to anyone who is involved in music, and for Personal I took my friend doing some work for a book he is writing that no one really understands but him, that is until he publishes the book.

This makes an interesting point as personal when shared becomes group so the whole thing is ever changing.

These were the results:

personal Group public
Personal Group Public

You can read the whole thing here: Exercise 2.1 Individual Spaces