Kirsty Mitchell Inspires again

Kirsty Mitchell has been an inspiration to me so many times now I was browsing her web site:

Kirsty Mitchell Photography

I own a first edition copy of Wonderland and have been somewhat obsessed with her work, I was looking at her previous work Nocturne, which is a darker work that really expresses her pain and anger at her Mothers illness and then the utter grief of her loss:

Nocturne by Kirsty Mitchell

Having looked through the images I started to read the Story Behind Nocturne

I took a screen shot of the words they moved me so much:

The motivation for this project was pain and loss, it seemed to me to be very powerful and it resonates with my own life at the moment, having lost both my Mum and Dad so recently, I confess to spending a fair amount of time brooding over Nocturne and doing some of my own grieving, it was a rather physically painful process.

This has me thinking about using loss within Assignment 4 though at the moment I am not sure how.