Loosing sight of the text

It struck me that I had lost sight of the fact that the assignment should be about image and text, plainly there is a sub text to these images but certainly not one for each image, although I have yet to work out the rest of them.

In thinking this through I remembered the work Sharon Boothroyd was doing when she was my TAOP tutor, she made a series of work which all sat under the title of “If you get Married again will you still love me”, each shot was a powerful image that echoed those words, which made me realize that the work needed a text but not necessarily a different text for each image.

I cast around doing hundreds of internet searches for texts by named individuals, I just kept drawing blanks for something that worked with the images I was planning, then I had one of those head slapping moments, Sharon did not find a famous quote either, she wrote her own words, and for me this all fell into place, it was an extension of the work within me to create my own words and in some way it was stronger because they would be part of that hollow pain I had felt inside, in some ways someone else’s words would depersonalise my experience, they needed to be my own too.

I sat down in in one fairly swift sitting wrote:

There are places that remind me of them, somehow there seems to be a void or vacuum in that place where their existence has ceased to be. It leaves a hollow place somewhere inside of me.

– Stephen Barney

This worked for me and I have decided to use it as an overall text for the assignment rather than making a text for every image.