Opening my big mouth

I was looking at the student forum and responded to a post about the structure of our blogs, I asked Clive and Peter what they thought of mine.

I was quite pleased with how tech mine was all buttons and set out like a filing cupboard, Imagine my shock when they both almost vomited at the thought of having to mark it and me with assessment approaching in November. I am going to have to re think this I want to make the main page for each module a rolling blog of my posts and thoughts and have seperate posts for each exercise and assignment. I will attempt to remove all menus not relating to the module being viewed and above all reduce the clicks.

This will have to be done after the assignment is in but hopefully you are now reading this in the new format as it must be done before assessment.

Oh dear so much more work, but I am grateful for Clive White’s words of wisdom as ever he helped me see the proper path.