Exercise 5.3

I spent some time getting set up for this exercise, I chose the route pictured above to use for this assignment, I initially drove the route and decided that it was really hard to find places to stop and take pictures, I could not shoot out of the window while driving as this would be difficult and illegal. My solution was to set up my tripod in the passenger seat of the car and to set the camera facing out of the open window. I attached an intervalometer to the camera and set it to take one image every minute.

I started in the drive way and set off the intavalometer, I then drove the route to the club. I turned around an let the camera take images of the opposite side of the road.

In the final edit I used a selection of images from the outbound and homeward bound trip to tell the story the locations of the images are marked on the map.

This was surprisingly successful, there were a lot of blurred and out of focus images but there were also enough good ones to complete the exercise in one trip and return.

The full results can be seen here: Exercise 5.3