A5 Initial Thoughts

The fifth assignment is a free choice to do something of your own that is drawn from the work already done in the module:

I thought about all the parts so far and made a list and a brain storm of ideas:

From this I did another mind map looking at what had already been done in IAP to use as a kind of ideas board:

Next I used mind mapping again to expand what I thought Identity and Place had contained for me so far, trying to unpack the title into the essence of what I had done in the course and derive some ideas from that. I came up with the following:

Studying all of the parts I had written dowm I distilled the whole thing into the following groups of Ideas:

I now need to think and reflect on all of this to come up with some ideas, I enjoyed the exercise of portraits with no people taken on the photography table and I keep coming back to shooting portraits of people who are not in the image.