Critical Theory a Lecture

I have been a member of the Aldershot Farnham and Fleet Camera Club AFFCC for a number of years, and over the last couple have been invited to give a few talks about different subjects, I ran a series of intermediate lessons on Flash photography and studio work. I was asked on the Monday if I could fill in for a lecturer who had fallen ill so had 3 days to write a presentation, I put forward a number of ideas and they chose Critical Theory.

I have to say that threw me a little as it is not the sort of audience that normally study critical theory, so I would have to make it accessible to all levels of people.

I wrote and delivered the lecture and it was met with a great deal of enthusiasm. I have uploaded a video of the slides here to demonstrate what I did, this of course does not have the commentary from the night so some of it will loose its context. What I did find was the process of building the presentation and making each point as understandable as possible gave me a deeper understanding of the subject than I started with. I know I must have been crazy to say yes to doing this but the outcome was well worth the effort in the end. I post it here as evidence of my path of learning: