Custom Commisions

If you have an idea we will create an artwork to match your ideas.

One customer wanted to create a perfect birthday present for her daughter who owns two gekos and a bananna snake, she refers to them as her little dragons so the customer wanted an image of the geckos with dragon wings and the snake forming the yin and yang simbol this was the result which now hangs proudly in her house!

Face Off

The Face-Off is where we use a picture of you or the person you want in the image to create a face mesh for one of our digital artworks putting that person in the action from cuddling dragons to being Wonder Woman whatever you want we can probably achieve. One customer wanted to be Princess Leia in the metal bikini and we achieved that for them so what’s your secret ambition? Riding a dragon or a unicorn or playing with wolves?

Putting you in the Picture

We can shoot you in the studio against a green screen and put you in the scene of your choice, this kind of composite image has many ways to create the image exactly as you want. Does your child want to kick a ball at a famous football ground or ride a unicorn or maybe even ride a Harley on route 66 all things are possible in the fantasy world of green screen. Did I mention you don’t have to be a child to do this, adults are welcome too!

Custom Water Colors

Digital Watercolour Keepsake

If you have a photo we can create a digital watercolour from it, in this image I have taken a photo of a flower arrangement that my dear mother won 1st prize in 1974 at the spring show in Kew Gardens, which serves as a permanent keepsake of a wonderful memory. Great for flower arranger but we can also do this with just about any memory you have.

Original Photo from 1974

Wedding Bouquets

Wedding bouquets are a very treasured part of a brides special day, but they are so very short-lived and tend to exist as a memory in your wedding album. However, If you have a photo of your wedding bouquet we can create a digital watercolour of it to keep forever and live on your wall keeping the memory of your wedding alive forever. These make really great gifts for brides and couples after their wedding to preserve the memory of that special bouquet long after it is gone.

We also have a custom built photographic studio available so you can bring your bouquet and get it photographed fo the digital watercolour or alternatively have someone bring it to us while you go on honeymoon and return to a beautiful reminder of your wedding day.

Contact us to discuss your requirements

If you want to discuss a specific commission then please contact us with no obligation using this form we would be delighted to discuss your ideas and provide a custom commission to fit your desire.

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